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Media delivery

Media planning is the first step in the media delivery process and will get your ad campaigns off on the right start. It will implement key targets for your campaign by reviewing the most current industry trends and most popular media to locate the most effective way to place the brand's message.

media buyer is someone who, simply put, contacts the best channels for your ads and negotiates for media placement. They create and build on the relationships with the media chosen in the strategic work done by the media planner. These relationships will help the media buyer to find the best type of placements to use within the industry of the brand and obtain these pavements for the best price. They must have a good understanding of the types of media placement and when and why to use each one. This also varies industry to industry and once allocated to the brand the media buyer must research industry specific placements. A close cooperation between the media planner and buyer is also very important as valuable information should be exchanged which can assist in negotiations and placement choices. These two positions often lay in different agencies to allow each to focus on their own expertise which can make the communication challenging but should not be overlooked.

Media fulfillment

Centralising the media fulfillment process allows all assets to be sourced in one location making the distribution to channels faster and cheaper. The time between finalising assets and delivery to media channels should be as short as possible. Well established relationships with media channels such as TV, radio or OOH suppliers is a must as pricing and procedures are in place already which streamlines delivery.

Media fulfilment ensures creative marketing assets are delivered to the correct media channels efficiently. This entails packaging and formatting, negotiations with media houses, and media scheduling in online, email, TV, radio, print, and out-of-home media channels.

Enlisting a media buying agency offers a centralised source for all media, simplifying and accelerating global distribution to the desired channels. This enables brands to keep abreast of current events and to deliver engaging market material to customers. The scope of media delivery is ever expanding, as additional devices receive and display marketing material to audiences and previously low-tech regions transition to new media. The media agency is responsible for price negotiation based on several factors, the most notable being the level, quality, and targeting of traffic density.

Prior to media buyers beginning negotiation and placement, they must put a strategic plan into motion. This requires brief creation, budgeting, and KPI setting. During this stage, the objectives for the marketing material will be outlined using detailed marketing research to better understand consumer behaviour. Media placement will be determined by the budget, followed by setting actionable KPIs. These vary between media channels as each obtains distinct data. Online exceeds others in data, yet may not be suitable for all advertisers. As such, these are established on a case by case basis according to the clients’ needs.

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