We are a localisation and creative production agency. We adapt and produce your advertising and marketing content across a spectrum of markets, languages, and media.
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Your Creative Agency

Let them do only what they are best at: formulating strategies, developing creative ideas, producing master content.
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Spectra Agency

Let us do what we are best at: language localisation, production and delivery of content across your markets for an average hourly rate of €39.
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You need to be efficient. You need to deliver more engaging and effective content and you need to do it faster, more consistently, of higher quality, and at a lower cost.
Your success is what defines us.
Driving multi-country marketing efficiencies is a huge task. The proven recipe for success is centralizing and streamlining your localization process with a single cost-efficient hub where your global or regional agency prepares master assets, which we then localize and produce across all of your markets.
You pay your creative agencies big money to develop creative campaigns. But instead of paying top rates for your post-creative phases, Spectra can save you money and implement them more effectively. Let Spectra take your creative assets and turn them into high-impact tactical material across all media channels. We build media formats from existing key visuals, resize assets, repurpose assets from one media channel to another, prepare print-ready data, title/subtitle videos and more.
There are many reasons for working with localization experts, such as saving by leveraging economies of scale, sharing and leveraging pre-localised assets across your markets instead of creating them from scratch in each market, higher ROI, protection and centralization of assets, brand consistency, higher control over your countries’ local marketing outputs and more.
Being "client centric " is not enough. We take it a step forward. Our services and operational model derive themselves directly from our customers’ needs; put into place to maximize your ROI. Systems, processes, capabilities and approaches are constantly fine-tuned through our quantitative and qualitative feedback. Simply, we work as an extension of your team rather than a supplier.
Your big ideas are kept big, even when localized. Our international account management and production teams take your idea and tailor it to the respective market; never compromising the integrity of the message. The synergy in our network allows us to easily amplify your idea, from brief to production. Our team is capable of taking your creative vision to any market.
Production requires excellence and process requires innovation. This pushes us to weave and integrate quality check processes within our workflow. Our quality management team is specifically dedicated to constantly challenging and improving our work and services.
Maximizing efficiency is the biggest challenge in any marketing department. We maximize client savings through our production expertise, creative input, workflow optimization, end-to-end portfolio of services, and our strategic cost effective location. With us, clients can plan their budgets more effectively through transparent and standardized prices per deliverable.
In our digital age connectivity among customers requires precision and targeted content. To do so, we provide a unique and organic merge of creativity and technology. Also, we pride ourselves on our rapid turnovers. Due to our operational model, we are able to reduce time to market through consistent process optimizations. Because highly relevant and fast moving campaigns are crucial.
Our strategic location in Prague gives us access to the East and the West. As a result, labor costs are minimized, opening the door to more efficient streamlined processes. Even more so, this allows us to meet you anywhere when our team is needed.
Our team and network are comprised of experts, experienced individuals who are dedicated to creating value for our clients. Our management’s task is there to engage and excite our company, ensuring that customer centricity thrives at all levels. While our more specialized recruits, like copywriters and designers, are interviewed and carefully tested across markets.