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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

When localised versions of creative assets are made, their creative integrity are matched with master assets using desktop publishing (DTP) services that optimise online and print assets.

DTP is the digital preparation of material by a graphic designer using computer software. This includes producing PostScript and PDF documents, formatting localised marketing assets, outlining and adapting document templates, and ensuring text and images remain true to their original design once they are circulated in print or online media.

This may also require converting between formats, such as from PDF to Word document. Prints ranging from business cards to billboards employ specialised DTP software such as Adobe (Framemaker, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), QuarkXPress, CoreIDRAW. DTP has a wide scope, and is also used in emails, newsletters, ebooks, and reformatting print data for online use. It’s versatility makes it an essential job when it comes to localisation, particularly in languages that are read from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Urdu. Furthermore, the translation of large-scale texts can result in unwanted changes in layout. In both the aforementioned cases, DTP will format and adapt the new version to maintain both legibility and its original design.

DTP in multiple languages can prove to be complicated. There may be several language layers or graphics with embedded text in the same layout file, and the translation may require distinct fonts for each language.

Multilingual printing calls for templates and graphics to be maintained in all of the language versions, with comprehensive quality control by native speakers. Non-Latin scripts, such as Arabic, Russian, or Japanese may raise technical issues, as their characters often require dedicated software or a different operating system. Because few translators have access to InDesign, instead using Microsoft Word or other text editors, right-to-left language texts are copy-pasted into English InDesign files (left-to-right).

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