Video Editing

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Video Editing

Video editors use dedicated software in order to manipulate footage with effects, motion graphics, CGI, colour and audio to create an entirely new video. Video editing is a key tool for any type of video production. It allows for simple processes such as choosing the best clips from a video shoot and splicing them together to create one consistent video. Videos are shown in many different formats. These include full length videos which may be uploaded to YouTube for example, but also time restricted videos like 30-second TV ads or 5-second bumper ads. It is often the job of the video editor to take the full length video and reduce it accordingly while maintaining the feel and message of the original video.

During a video shoot, the director will often choose to shoot much more footage than will actually be needed. This is because it’s far easier to shoot additional footage while on the set rather than deciding after the fact that a shot was missed or should be filmed differently. Multiple takes and variants are shot in the name of having the choice during the video post production phase. Video editing goes far beyond this and extends to complex motion graphics, effects and CGI work. Although the video editor themselves may not be responsible for creating these, specifically CGI, it is an important skill for them to be able to work with these types of files and adapt them to the video in question.

Video editors are not just mechanical manipulators of video files they are also storytellers and the process of rearranging video clips also includes the ability to maintain a constant thread through the video and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Video content offers an ever increasing “pass-along” value, as it can be shared on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Over eighty percent of US internet users watch video content every month. Every minute, 24-hours of video are uploaded to the network, with two billion videos being watched daily.

The increasing popularity of video is fueled by recent technology. Tablets, which were once used for ebooks and video games, now also serve as portable televisions. The growing use of these devices has helped popularise video content. Nowadays more people watch online content than they do traditional television. Aligning with this trend should therefore naturally be a component of the agency's content marketing strategy.

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