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Print production

Print production involves the design and production of files that print, fold, and trim correctly. To achieve this, one must have an understanding of the physical process of printing, as well as the finishing processes such as folding and binding. Proficient designers have good command of all print production concepts and can communicate effectively with the printing company.

When optimising artwork for print there are a few key elements the need to be communicated efficiently with the printing production house in order to ensure the most accurate results:

Software use must be a standard in the industry and must be kept up to date. If you are using a different software or version to the print house you may run into compatibility issues and the different file types may not store or display the information in the same way. Find out what software your print production house uses and make sure it is compatible with what you are using.

File size and proportions must be calculated accurately and sufficient bleed margins should be accounted for. If this is not done properly at the agency you may incur fees from the print house for this work to be done externally at the print production house.

Make sure the fonts used match the clients’ brands CI. If it is not a standard font supplied with the software used then request the necessary files from the client and be sure the print house receives them.

Colours also need to match the brands CI. CMYK should be used to create an accurate colour pallet. Never trust what you see on the monitor as it will never print exactly the same as it is displayed. Your print partner will see it differently to what you do on their monitors, perhaps even if they are using the same monitor or have it colour collaborated. So the most efficient way to ensure the correct colours is to send them the CMYK standard code.

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