Voice-over Recording

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Multilingual Voice Over Recording

Voice over is an effective tool in advertising communication and is implemented widely in TV, radio, and web advertising. Research has shown that adding voice over to a marketing video can boost its overall credibility and effectiveness. It is more practical and simpler for viewers to follow than subtitling, particularly when it comes to eLearning and training material, where extensive subtitles can become tedious.

If the voice over compliments on-screen visuals, timing and synchronisation is crucial and requires a timed script. If the voice over recording should convey a message, this must be clear and direct. Even simple voice overs of taglines have been shown to improve overall coherence. By translating or transcreating the master script, voice over recordings can be used to localise videos for new markets.

Clarity and tone of voices and accents should be taken into consideration during voice over casting. Credibility of the voice varies in different markets and is an important factor when localising, as voice perception is dependent on the market. Using a celebrity or well-known voice can be a quick but expensive way to garner instant credibility. Brands often retain one voice over actor over an extended period of time, making them the voice of the brand.

Studying market responsiveness to different voices is hence a necessary prerequisite to investing in a particular actor. After receiving a brief outlining the desirable qualities of the voice over artist, such as gender, age, language, accent, and style, voice samples from a range of suitable voice over artists are provided along with their associated costs. A more specific brief comprised of specific artist requirements, a script, and reference video, will promote a more positive outcome in the voice over casting. Industry specific vocabulary, unusual names, and acronyms or abbreviations should be included here so that the final recording is free of error.

Voice over casting

Most good casting agencies will have a large pool of voice over artists, and are able to deliver content in various languages, local dialects, and linguistic styles, be it male or female, adult or child. They collaborate with leading voice over talent agencies to offer optimised solutions for any need, no matter how unique. Voice over production services are flexible - meaning, they can be carried out locally in the presence of the client, or internationally via a video calling service.

Voice over production

The voice over recordings are professionally post-produced to offer the highest and clearest voice quality. Pops, crackles, breaths, and other unwanted background noises are removed using top audio editing software. During this phase, additional sound effects or background music can also be added to heighten the marketing message. Sound is a key element that can evoke an emotional link to the brand and should not be overlooked. The final audio is mastered, encoded, and delivered in an easy-to-use file format.

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