Graphic Design

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graphic designer uses visual mediums such as shapes, colours, fonts, etc., to create digital or print assets in a multitude of formats like websites, magazines, banners, billboards and much, much more. Not limited to this they also work with photography, layouting and animations. The work of a graphic designer usually but not necessarily starts digitally.

A few key parts of graphic design that must be well understood by the designer include:

Colour theory:
Colour choices should give the right impact depending on its use. Studies show that colours have a large emotional impact on people and this should be utilised by the designer. Knowing which colours to use to evoke a specific emotion can create a feeling and identity beyond a brand.

A similar theory goes for font use where the typeface can influence consumers to act in a way the brand would like. For example using sans serif fonts induces a happier feeling than serif fonts. This influence can be demonstrated when comparing the effectiveness of CTAs when only changing the typeface of the copy.

Additionally graphic designers must have an instinct for a natural balance in graphic design, patterns, perspectives, ratios and more. This combines aesthetics and functionality in marketing assets.

Resizing is integral to asset development. Skilful ad resizing preserves the ads readability, proportions, appearance and tone. Simply scaling an ad to a new size can compromise the integrity of the ad by distorting the text and images. Therefore, when resizing, these items should correspond as much as possible to the master ad to evoke the intended feel.

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