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When it comes to extensive, non-creative work, translation memory may be sufficient. This utilises a copy previously translated by the user to adapt new, high-quality translations that are matched in style. It combines human and machine translation as vocabulary, phrases, or complete sentences can be exported from a database of previously translated material into a new translation. An advantage of this method is that it saves time, and subsequently costs, as translators tend to charge per word. In fact, the most time and cost-effective method is through subscription to a translation memory database. The translator will then review the final output and make corrections or adjustments where necessary. Whereas translation is often priced at cost-per-word, transcreation depends on the complexity and is approached on a case by case basis.

Translation memory stores all previously translated words and phrases so that translators can reuse content. By limiting repetition, this accelerates translation and turnaround time and minimises costs. The highest added value is achieved by giving all language providers and translators in the organisation access to the same translation memory database, such as a multi-tenant translation memory and glossary in the cloud.

Technical translations

Technical translators specialise in the translation of texts in technical fields, including but not limited to IT, engineering, biochemistry, and medicine. The content can come in the form of manuals, detailed specifications, and legal extracts, among many others. A skilled technical translator must have excellent command of the terminology and writing conventions used in their field, and employ tools such as technical dictionaries and glossaries to find the optimal match between the source and target. As technical copies do not require interpretation, they tend to be quite literal.

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