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Video production

To run a campaign, the appropriate airtime and an effective commercial are fundamental to the TV commercial production process.

Commercial production generally takes anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the scale of the project. The creative agency or production house first gathers information from the client and draws up a brief detailing the overall objectives, message and target audience. This should also include the conditions of the brand guidelines, format, budget, and timing.

Once a consensus is reached on the creative brief, the creative agency will draft several possible responses. The brief should provide enough detail to serve as inspiration for the creative team. The proposed ideas may vary in tone, messaging hierarchy, or production approach, but will all have the same purpose of achieving the objectives of the brief.

After agreeing on a concept, the agency will compose a script and storyboards that can demonstrate the visual narrative for each frame. The script provides the context, and is accompanied by speech, voice overs, acting notes, and supers, while the storyboard will detail camera angles and movements, focus points, and visual treatment. Mood films or images can be used to further clarify the intent.

When both the client and agency are satisfied, the script is sent to the media agency for approval. Broadcasters must follow strict guidelines and are prohibited from transmitting misleading, harmful, or offensive ads. Once the script has been approved, the production process begins. This involves making choices about the director, talent, music, location, and styling.

The actual shoot can last from a day to several weeks, depending on what is involved. The same idea goes for crew size. While this stage is often envisioned as the glamorous side of advertising, shoots can be long and tedious. After the shooting is complete, the rough cut of the commercial can be finessed into the final ad through editing, colour grading, overlays, and sound engineering.

The final ad is then sent to the media agency to be compared with the approved script. If it is given final broadcasting approval, it is digitally delivered to stations to be broadcast in its allotted airtime. Specialists in TV commercial production will purchase ads. The optimum airtime is chosen so that the commercial is seen at the right time by the right people.

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