Dynamic Creative Optimisation

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Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Banner ads can be taken to the next level with Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO), allowing targeting of the audience through predetermined relevance criteria. These can be based on location, browsing activity, through a live data feed, among many others, with consistent GDPR compliance.

Dynamic banner ads are regularly used in marketing retargeting when the customer has viewed a product or added it to their shopping cart but not yet made the purchase. These ads can be programmed to remind the consumer of their buying interest. Via personalised images and dynamic texts and CTAs, consumers may be targeted more efficiently. A data management platform (DMP) is used to supply data directly to the ads servers, producing personalised ads that require no human interference.

There are two types of DCO. The first being dynamic type where data is fed to a pre-made template decided by the settings in place in the management system. This requires much less work on the creation side as this process can be automated. This also offers more flexibility and triggers more engagement from the viewer. The second type are static units. Here single banners are created using the same data, still adapting to the viewer, but created for a single-use. This is a manual process which doesn't pay off in volume.

Key benefits to DCO:

A geo-targeted campaign can source a user's location from their IP address and use that information to display information unique to their location, whether it be their country, region, city or even more specific. This can inform the user for example of specific offers available to them in their local area.

Data feed:
A data fed banner will display information sourced from a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be edited to include up to date information and ensure that all ads are displaying correct information. For example a banner for a grocery store may choose to show a banner for discounted cleaning products. The percentage discounted and/or the new price is looked up automatically in the spreadsheet and displayed accordingly. This is often used as a retargeting campaign to further entice viewers to use their product or service. This can also be combined with a geo-targeting campaign to show specific information and spreadsheets can be divided into regions to support this.

Live data:
Data fed to the DCO management can not only be kept up to date, but be live data displayed in real time to the viewer. This can include live betting odds for a sports game or live currency conversions.

Complementary ads:
Based on data fed to the DCO management, users can be targeted with ads related to recent purchases or views to sites. For example, if a user has booked a flight to a holiday destination, dynamic ads can automatically begin to display offers for hotels or activities in this location.

Demographic targeting:
DCO can also be used to display different information advertising the same product in a different way to various demographics. For example, holiday destinations can be advertised differently depending on which demographic the viewer belongs to. If the viewer belongs to an older demographic they may see ads for museums and historical sites whereas someone belonging to a younger demographic may see ads for local nightlife and festivals.

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